Chuck Liddiard, M.Ed. Virginia Commonwealth University


Chuck Liddiard has spent the past fourteen years as mentor and advisor at both the college and high school levels. Chuck believes it is not just about choosing the best college, it’s about choosing the best institution that makes sense for you. Chuck’s embraces individuality, and his advising philosophy emphasizes self-discovery through the continual pursuit of your underlying interests and passions.  Through careful curation, he facilitates a personalized roadmap to assist students to reach their goals, while serving as a guide throughout the complicated processes you will encounter.   

Specialized in advising high-school athletes and students fueled by their entrepreneurial endeavors, Chuck remains knowledgeable on the ever-changing landscape of higher education by continually visiting colleges and being an active member of professional organizations, such as NACAC and its affiliates. Chuck resides in Long Beach, California with his wife Anya and daughters Sasha and Sophia.