Chuck Liddiard, B.Ed. & M.Ed. Virginia Commonwealth University

“People make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy.” — Jack Canfield

Chuck Liddiard has spent the past twelve years as mentor and advisor, both at the college and high school level. Versed on the many facets of the college search and application process, Chuck believes it is not just about choosing a great college, it’s about choosing the best institution that makes sense for each individual. Aimed to help students discover and continue developing their underlying interests and passions, Chuck facilitates a customized roadmap to college while guiding students to showcase their unique self and leverage talents and skills throughout each part of the college journey. He remains knowledgeable on the ever-changing landscape of higher education by continually visiting colleges and being an active member of organizations, such as NACAC and WACAC.

Chuck resides in Long Beach, California with his wife Anya and daughter Sasha.

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